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Thank you for your interest in our home-study school. Please know that in 2020 we consolidated 'In Her Name' with our sister-center, the Crossroads Lyceum/FOI. This resulted in being able to offer the same program of study as before, with the addition of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy and degree systems. (Performing the FOI rituals and declaring FOI degrees is not required to take the core coursework.)

The Fellowship of Isis is a multi-religious fellowship that honors the Goddess in Her many forms and all pantheons. You may read more about it on our Lyceum website: http://www.crlyceum.com

If you are interested in receiving an Enrollment Guide, please email us and include a brief introduction. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Our email address is:

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(InHerName (at) Gmail.com)

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are your costs & payment methods?

How long do your courses take?

I'm a solitary, can I still be a Priestess?

Do you allow study groups to take your courses?

Can students leave and return to study?

Is there any travel involved?

Do you make exceptions to your age policy?

Payment Methods?

Paypal is accepted for tuition payments. Tuition rates are fully outlined in our enrollment guide, but are approximately $20 per lesson. (there are 4 lessons in each Realm) We provide installment plans, as well as have a scholarship program. Please request an Enrollment Guide to obtain more information.  Top

Time Requirements?

This is a self-directed course of study. You may take as long as you need to complete as many Realms as you wish. An estimated time of completion for each Realm is approximately 3-4 months. (4-6 weeks per lesson) However, there is no set schedule to follow, and many students take longer than this due to their busy schedules. You set your own timetable based upon your individual needs.  Top

Being a Solitary?

What being a Priestess means for you personally is entirely between you and your Goddess. We have many students who are solitaries for a variety of reasons: personal choice, physical challenges, family responsibilities, etc. Each have their own unique gifts and all are welcomed! Top

Study Groups?

Our curriculum is written as a self-directed, individual course of study. As such, it not condusive for study groups. Top

Re-instatement of Former Students?

We are happy to re-enroll former members back into our Temple, and most of our students do eventually return when they've had to leave due to various life circumstances. Please contact us to reinstate your membership.  Top

Travel Requirements?

We are an all-correspondence school, and at no time will you be asked to travel. Our courses have been designed so all courses and rituals may be done as a solitary practitioner. We have students from around the world who take our courses in the privacy of their own homes.  Top

Age Policy?

We are sorry, but we do not make expections to our age policy. You must be at least a 21-years-old in order to study with our Temple.  Top