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Hymn to Beltia / Zarpanit:

She is mighty, she is divine, she is exalted among the goddesses;
Zarpanit, the brightest of the stars, dwelling in E-ud-ul;
The ... of the goddesses, clothed with light;
Who dost pass through the heavens, dost heap up the earth;
Zarpanit whose dwelling is exalted;
Shining Beltia, exalted and most high;
Among the goddesses there is none like her;
She accuses and intercedes.
She humbles the rich and vindicates the cause of the lowly;
She overthrows the enemy, he who does not revere her godhead;
She delivers the captive, and takes the hand of the fallen;
Bless the servant who honours thy name;
Fix the destiny of the king who fears thee;
Give life to the children of Babel, thy dependants;
Plead for them before Marduk, the king of the gods;
Let them tell of thy glory, let them exalt thy kingdom;
Let them speak of thy prowess, let them glorify thy name;
Have mercy on thy servant who blesses thee;
Take his hand in need and suffering;
In disease and distress give him life;
May he go ever in joy and delight;
May he tell thy prowess to the peoples of the whole world.

Translation by S.H. Hooke

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