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In Her Name;

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And In Her Name,
All are Blessed!

Dreaming Goddess of Malta



Hymn to Cihua-coatl:

Serpent Woman, plumed with eagle feathers,
with the crest of eagles, comes,
beating her drum, from the Place of the Old.
She alone, who is our flesh,
goddess of the fields and shrubs, is strong to support us.
Our mother is as twelve eagles,
goddess of drums calling the gods, filling the fields.
She is our mother - a goddess of war,
our mother, a companion from the Home of Ancestors.
She comes forth, she appears when war is waged,
she protects us in war that we be not destroyed,
an example and companion from the Home of the Ancestors.
She comes adorned in the ancient manner with the eagle's crest,
in the ancient manner with the eagle's crest!

Traditional Aztec

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