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Prayer to the Ganga River Goddess:

The great sages said: The holy Ganga descended from the heavenly planets to deliver all the conditioned souls from the vast ocean of material existence. Ganga-devi emanated from the lotus feet of Lord Hari and so everyone happily glorifies her. The water of the Ganga is enjoyed by the demigods who reside on the peak of Mount Sumeru. By bathing in her water, all one’s sinful reactions are vanquished. By pleasing Ganga-devi, one can easily gain release from the bondage of material existence.

This holy river followed the footsteps of King Bhagiratha. Because of her, the pride of Airavata, the carrier of Indra, was destroyed. She increases the beauty of Lord Mahadeva’s crown. She is like a white flag on top of the Himalayan mountains. Everyone glorifies her, be they demigods, demons, human beings, or serpents, or even Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva. She destroyed all sinful reactions and awards liberation.

She was produced from the water pot of Lord Brahma. She is the creeper grown from the seed of liberation. She is surrounded by many qualified brahmanas glorifying her by reciting passages from the revealed scriptures. She descended upon the peak of Mount Sumeru and then spread throughout the three worlds. Religiosity is her fruit and happiness is her leaves.

By seeing her pure water, by offering her obeisances, and by singing her glories, one’s mountain of sinful reactions is destroyed. Birds walk on her banks or swim in her water. By her mercy, the sons of Sagara achieved liberation. She is considered to be the daughter of the sage, Jahnu. She is known as the Mandikini in the heavenly planets.

She became the queen of King Shantanu. The peaks of the Himalayas are her breasts, her foamy water is her smile, white swans are her movements, her waves are her hands, and the fully blossomed lotus flowers are the flower garland that adorns her chest. In this way, she travels to the sea in a cheerful mood.

Somewhere by the side of the Ganga, great sages are engaged in reciting prayers, somewhere Lord Ananta worships the Supreme Lord, somewhere ferocious crocodiles are playing, somewhere the sun is reflected on the surface of the water, somewhere her water makes a loud splashing sound, and somewhere people are bathing. May the chaste mother of Bhisma be glorified.

Anyone who offers obeisances to the Ganga is benefitted. He is a great ascetic who faithfully chants her names. He is the best of all persons who meditates on her. One who serves the Mandakini [Ganga] is always victorious, and is considered the master of everyone.

O traveler throughout the three worlds, when will I see my body half-eaten by the aquatic birds and animals who reside in your pure water? When will I see my body pushed, pulled and rolled by your forceful waves? When, upon seeing me in this condition, will the demigods, best of human beings, and serpents glorify me?

O holy river, when will I reside on your shore, bathe in your pure water, chant your holy name, discuss your appearance and activities, engage in your worship, and joyfully wander throughout the world singing your glories?

Kalki Purana, 34: 4-12

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