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Hymns to Hathor:

Adoration to You, Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet,
the August One in the Sanctuary of the August One.
The One Shining as Gold in the Sanctuary of Gold,
the Atenet, eldest child of the Aten.
I adore Your Majesty with Your heart's desire,
I exalt Your Ka to the height of Nut.
I praise Your Manifestation to the limits of the rays of the Aten;
I serve Your Majesty in Your shrine.
The Powerful One, the Great One, Mistress of Fear,
Great of Terror among the Netjeru.
The Horizon-Dweller, Mistress of Heaven,
the Brilliant One who creates the rays of the sun;
the Netjeru rise early in the morning to pay You homage.
Your beautiful face is satisfied by the King of Upper
and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands,
beloved of the Great Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the Eye of Ra.

Temple of Dendera (translated by S. Cauville)

The Mistress of Names in the Two Lands, the Unique One,
Mistress of Terror among the Guardians of the Netjeru,
the Uraeus on the horns of Atum:
The Netjeru come to You prostrating,
the Netjerut, bowing Their heads.
Your Father Ra adores You;
His face rejoices in hearing Your Name.
Djehuty satisfies You with His glorifications
and He raises His arms to You, carrying the sistrum.
The Netjeru rejoice for You when You appear.
You illuminate the Two Lands with the rays of Your Eye.
The South, the North, the West, and the East
pay You homage, and they make adoration.
Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet,
Your beautiful face is pleased by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Temple of Dendera (translated by S. Cauville)

Awake in peace! You, yourself beautifully wake in peace!
Hwt-Hrw, Mistress of Iunet, Awake in life!
The Neteru themselves raise to worship you each day,
The venerable sky!
For you are the one, the ball of the sun that pierces the sky,
Flooding the country side with gold, who brings life in the east,
Who then immerses the setting sun each night in Iunet.
Awake, Hwt-Hrw, in peace!
The Great Mistress of Iunet, Eye of Ra, Mistress of the sky,
Queen of all the Neteru, the venerable and powerful one who takes Her place in the barge!
You, yourself Awake in peace!
Awake in peace the Mistress of Iunet, Queen of women, beautiful of face,
Whose eyes are made-up, whose breasts shimmer, the Mistress of costume and beauty!
You, yourself wake in peace!
Awake in peace beautiful woman whose love is soft, the Mistress of the Menat,
Queen of the Sistrum, your son - Ihy, the child - appeases you!
You, yourself wake in peace!

Temple of Dendera (translated by S. Cauville)

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