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Temple of Oshun: Osogbo, Nigeria

The names of the Goddesses on this page originate from the following countries: Benin, Ghana, Madagascar, Nambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Togo, Zaire and Zimbabwe.

We have included Egypt in a separate section: Goddess Names of Egypt







Goddess Names:

Aberwa - Old Woman Earth
Andriamahilala - Queen of Heaven
Andriam-Vabi-Rano - Princess of the WaterMaasai  Woman
Anyigba - Mother of Little Children
Asase Yaa - Earth Thursday, Old Woman Earth
Caelestis - Heavenly
Deung Abok - Great White Cow
Egungun-oya - Mother of the Dead
Eka Abassi - Great First Cause
Gbadu - Holy Daughter
Inkosazana - Princess of Heaven
Iya-maase - Essential Woman
Iyanla - Great Mother
Khwora!ma - Mother of the Bees
Ma - Goddess of Creation
Massassi - Morning Star
Morongo - Evening Star
Muso Koroni - Pure Woman With Ancient Soul
Niachero - Daughter of the Star
Nomkubulwana - Princess of HeavenFertility Goddess
Ntoa - Fertile Earth
Odu - Copious Container
Oddudua - She Who Exists for Herself & to Create Others
Onile - Owner of the Earth
Oshun -Source, Sweetwater
Oya - She Tore
Oya-ajere - Carrier of the Container of Fire
Oya-Yansan - Mother of Nine
'Uwardaw - Mother of the Forest Spirits
Watamaraka - Goddess of Evil
Woyengi - Great Mother
Yamaja - Fish-Mother, Mother whose children are like fishes

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