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The Goddess names on this page originate from Egypt.

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Goddess Names:

Ahabit - Lady of Hair
Ahemait - Devourer
Akarkhentkats - Wise One Keeping Her Place
Akhet - InundationsAu Set & Nefertari
Amaunet - Unseen Air
Ament - The Westerner
Ammit - Devourer of Souls
Amn - Invisible
Anenit - Widows
Ankhet - Lady of Life
Anta - Lady of Heaven
Anuket - To Embrace, The Embracer
Apet - Red Hippopotamus, Protectress
Apitus - She Who Is On The Hill
Athtor - Mother Night
Auset / Au Set / Aset / Iset - Throne, Seat, Exceeding Queen
Autyeb - Joy
Bahet - Abundance
Bastet - She of the Perfume, To Render
Berenice - Bringer of Victory
Bes - Dancing
Ernutet - Plentiful Harvests
Hathor - House of the Face, House of Horus
Hehet - Infinity
Heru-pa-kaut - Great Mother of Mendes
Hesa - Divine White Cow
Hetpet - Happiness
Horit - SkyEgyptian Hieroglyphs
Iou-s-aas - The Great One Who Comes
Kartek - Spark Holder
Katesch - Sacred, Holy
Kauket - Darkness
Kebehut - Freshness
Kefa - Mother of Tim
Kekuit - Period of Night That Immediately Follows Day
Kenemet - The Mother
Kenmut - Vulture
Khaft - Lady of the Country
Khemit - Lady of the Boat
Khut - The Light-Giver
Lady of Amenta - Heaven
Ma - Truth
Ma'at, Ma'et - Right, Truth
Mai-hesa - Fierce-eyed
Mehet - The Northern One
Meri - Goddess of the Sea
Mertseger - Friend of SilencePlaying Egyptian violin on Nile
Methyer - The Great Flood
Mut - Mother
Muyt - Seed
Nahmauit - She Who Removes Evil
Naunet - Water
Nebhet Hotep - Lady of the Quarry, Peace of Nebt
Nebt - Cloud Friend
Nebthet - Lady of the House
Neb-ti - Two Mistresses
Nebt-unnut - Lady of the Hour
Nebtuu - Queen of the Fields
Nechmetawaj - She Who Takes the Part of the Robbed
Nehemauit - Sweeper Away of Oppressed
Neith - The Heavens, Weaver, Terrifying One
Nelchebet - Giver of Life and Power
Nephthys - Lady of the House, Mistress of the PalaceMa'at
Nepit - Goddess of Corn
Neshtu - The Lioness
Netpe - Goddess of the Firmament
Noub - Gold
Nunet - World Ocean
Qetesh - Holy One
Renpet - Mistress of Eternity
Sah - Great Goddess
Saosis - She Comes, She Grows
Sati/Satis/Satet - She Who Runs Like an Arrow
Schent - Lady of Heaven
Sebit - Lady of the Boat
Sefkhabu - Seven-Rayed
Sekhet-aanru - Lady of the Winds
Sekhmet - The Powerful
Selkhet - She Who Increases by Giving Breath and Food, She Who Causes to Breathe
Shait - Human Destiny
Sheshat - Mistress of the House of Books
Sochet - Cornfield
Sokhet - Country
Sphinx - Winged One, Strangler
Ta-dehnet - Peak
Taueret - Great
Tayt - ClothingSphinx of Giza
Tefnut - The Spitter
Temu - Mother
Thoeris - Mistress of Talismans
Ubastet - Lady of the West
Unen-em-Hetep - Lady of the Winds, Lady of Two Hands, Existence in Peace
Unnut - Lady of Unnu
Urt-hekau - Rich in Magic
Urt-hikeu - Powerful with Magic
Wosyet - She Who Is Strong
Zenenet - The Exalted One

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