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Men-an-tol Stone, Cornwall

The Goddess names on this page originate from: France, Ireland, Spain, Britain, Gaul, British Isles, Scotland and Wales.







Goddess Names:

Britain  ~  France/Gaul  ~  Ireland  ~  Scotland  ~  Spain  ~  Wales

Albina - White Goddess
Ancasta - Sacred/Swift One
Andrasta - Invincible One, Victory
Annis - Blue Hag
Arnemetia - She Who Dwells over the Sacred Grove
Brigantia - High One, Queen
Caoineag - Wailing Woman
Coventina - Goddess of the WatershedEpona
Cuda - Prosperity, Well-Being
Druantia - Fir Tree
Epona - Divine Horse
Habonde - Abundance
Latis - Goddess of the Pool or Beer
Magog - Mother God
Ollototae - Pertaining to All People
Nemetona - She of the Sacred Grove
Quadriviae - Goddess of the Crossroads
Rata/Ratis - Goddess of the Fortress
Ricagumbeda - Heavenly Battle Grave
Rigantona - Great Queen
Sabrina - Fast River
Saitada - Saturation, Goddess of the Throng, Goddess of Grief
Setlocenia - She of the Long Life
Sulis - Eye Goddess, Goddess of the Gap
Tres Matres - Three Mothers
Verbeia - Winding River

Andarta - Strong Bear
Belisama - FireTriple Coventina
Brunissen - Brown One
Dea Artio - Bear
Eguski - The Sun
Natosuelta - Winding River
Notre Dame de Lumiere - Our Lady of Light
Rosemerta - Good Purveyor
Sirona - Star

Aibell - Beautiful
Aine - Bright, Heat, Speed
Aoibheall - Bright, Sparkling
Assa - Gentle One
Badb - Scald-Crow, Raven
Banba - Land Unploughed for a Year
Ban-chuideachaidh Moire - Aid Woman
Banschi - White Lady
Banshees, Bean Sidhe- Woman Fairies
Bean Nighe - Washing Woman
Bean Sodhe - Woman of the Hills, Woman of the FairiesBanshee
Bidhgoe - Female of Illusion
Blathnat - Little Flower
Bo Find - Magical White Cow
Boann - She of the White Cattle, White Cow
Brigid - High One, Fiery Arrow
Buan-ann - Good Mother, Lasting One
Bubona - Goddess of Herdsman
Buo - Yellow
Caer - Yew Berry
Cailleach - Veiled One, Old Woman
Caileach Cinn Boirne - Hag of Black Head
Cailleach Beara - Old Woman
Carman - She of the Weaving Beam
Cethlenn/Cethlion - Crooked Tooth
Clidna - Shapely One
Crobh Dearg - Red Claw
Danu - Giving, Bountiful, Flow, River
Dornall - Bigfist
Dub - Black
Duineach - Strong, Having a Large Following
Dyfridwy - Water of the Divinity
Erditse - Giving Birth
Eriu - Earth, Soil
Ernmas - Iron Death
Etain Echraidhe - Shining One
Ethne - Sweet Nut-Meat
Fand - Pearl of Beauty
Fea - Death, To Attack
Findbhair - Fair Eyebrows
Finncaev - Fair Love
Fland - Lake Maiden
Garbh Ogh - Queen BeeMacha
Glas - Blue One
Glas Gaibleann - Gray White-Loined Cow
Grainne - The Hateful One, Ugliness
Grian - Sun
Gruagach - Long-Haired One
Gwrach y Rhibyn - Washer of the Ford
Inghean Bhuidhe - Yellow-haired Girl
Ith - Hunger for Fertility
Iweridd - Ireland
Kymideu Kymeinvoll - Pregnant in Battle
Lair Derg - Red Mare
Lasair - Flame
Leanan Sidhe - Fairy Sweetheart
LoBan/Liban - Beauty of Women
Luaths Lurgann - Speedy Foot
Macha - Battle, Pasture, Field/Plain
Maeve/Medhbh - Intoxication, Drunken Woman
Medb - Drunk Woman, Intoxicating One
Mess Buachalla - Cowherd's Foster Child
Modron - Great Mother
Moingfhion - The White-Haired One
Moriath - Sea-land
Morrigan - Great/Terrible/Phantom/Fairy/Sea Queen(Witch), Queen of Death
Muirdris - Having Teats
Muireartach - Eastern Sea
Muiriath - Sea-land
Nantosuelta - Of the Winding Stream
Nemain - Venomous, Frenzy/Panic
Nessa - Ungentle
Niamh - Beauty
Plur na mBan - Flower of Women
Re - Light
Rhiannon - Great/Divine Queen, Maiden of the UnderworldCeltic Knot
Sadhbh / Sadv - Goodly Habitation
Scathach - The Shadowy One
Setlocenia - She of the Long Life
Sgeimh Solais - Light of Beauty
Sheila naGig - Hag
Sionna - Fox
Sul / Sulla - Eye
Uathach - Spectre
Uchtcelbh - Shapely Bosom

Ban Nighechain - Little Washerwoman
Cailleach - Veiled One, Old Woman
Cailleach Bheur - Hag of Winter
Cailleach Mor - Big Old Wife
Carlin - Old Woman
Dia Griene - Sun's Tear
Mala Liath - Gray Mare, Gray Eyebrows
Nicnevin - Bone Mother
Nigheag Na H-ath - Little Washer of the Ford
Scathach - Shadow
Scota - Dark One

Amilamia - Golden Yellow Lady
Briah - The Throne
Coventina - Goddess of the Watershed
Ekhi - Sun
Ilazki - Moon, Grandmother
Illargui - Light of the Dead
Lur - Earth
Lurgorr - Red Earth
Tanit, Tnt pn B´l - The One Who CriesBrighid's Cross

Agrona - Slaughter
Arianrhod - Silver Wheel
Blodeuwedd - Flower Maiden, Flower Face
Branwen - White-breasted, White Crow/Raven
Bj anann - The Lasting One
Cerridwen - Fair & Loved, Crooked Woman, Bent White One
Don - River, Gift
Fuwch Frech - Brindled Cow
Goleuddydd - Bright Day
Gwar/Gwyar - Gore
Modron - Mother
Olwen - Leaving White Footprints, Golden Wheel
Penarddun - Head of Darkness
Rhiannon - Great Queen, Maiden of the Underworld
Rigatona - Great Queen
Y Mamau - The Mothers

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Photos: 1) Men-an-tol Stone, Cornwall, 2) The Goddess Epona, 3) Triple Coventina, 4) Banshee, 5) Macha, 6) Celtic knot, 7) Brigid's Cross