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Rediscovering the Goddess

Here you will find links to news and research articles about the Goddess, as well as ancient Earth sites and cultures as they are re-discovered and reported on around the world.

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Goddess News:


Gurkhas' Hindu temple in Lashkar Gah is only one of its kind [read story]


Oldest paint-making studio discovered in cave [read story]
Temple to Goddess Bast Discovered in Alexandria [read story]
Cleopatra Killed by Drug Cocktail? [read story]
Ancient Egypt's Pharaohs Dated Using Plants [read story]
Ancient Egyptian Town Found Using Radar [read story]
Ancient Bakery Found in Egyptian Desert [read story]
Stone Age Color Found in South Africa [read story]
'Door To Afterlife' Unearthed At Karnak [read story]
Egyptian Queen Offered Bread, Jug of Beer at Funeral [read story]
Ancient Egyptian Queen's Burial Chamber Discovered [read story]
Egypt lifts huge Isis temple block from sea [read story]
Egypt's Ageless Goddess [read story]
Oasis of the Dead [read story]
Egyptian Statue Found [read story]
The Life of Meresamun: AE Temple Singer [read story]
Queen Hatshepsut King of Upper and Lower Egypt [read story]
Large inscribed limestone blocks unearthed [read story]


Prehistoric Rock Art Reveals Creator's Bird Obsession [read story]


Archaeologists Uncover Sanctuary of Greek Goddess Demeter [read story]


Celebration of the Goddess Mazu [read story]
The Legend of Lugu Lake [read story]
Sticky Rice Made Ancient Mortar Stronger [read story]


Extraordinary finds at ancient Idalion [read story]

Greece & Crete:

In Ancient Greece, Soil Was Sacred [read story]
Snake Goddesses, Fake Goddesses [read story]
Sanctuary of the Gods [read story]
Games for Girls - Olympic atheletes [read story]
Dynasty of Priestesses [read story]
British Library puts Greek manuscripts online [read story]


Navratri: Celebrating the Mother Goddess [read story]
The Land of Seven Mother Goddesses [read story]
Millions of women throng Kerala festival [read story]
Goddess Glacier Melting in War-Torn Kashmir [read story]
Kali Statue Found in Emptied Reservoir [read story]
Festival of Lights - Diwali Celebration [read story]


18th Century Egyptian-Inspired Room Found [read story]
Parthenon statues reveal Egyptian blue pigments [read story]
Etruscan House Reveals Ancient Domestic Life [read story]
Rome's Ancient Aqueduct Found [read story]
A stroll around Pompeii, courtesy of Google’s Street View [read story]
Roman Statues Found in Blue Grotto Cave [read story]
A Tangled Journey Home [read story]
Myth in Marble [read story]
Research to analyze the images of women in Roman mosaics [read story]
Etruscan pottery sherd found by by blind archeologist [read story]


Our Lady of Guadalupe [read story]
Archaeologists Uncover Aztec Statue of Goddess Tlaltecuhtli [read story]
Sculpture of Huastec goddess [read story]
Ancient Maya Buried Relatives, Artifacts Under Homes [read story]
New Tomb at Teotihuacan [read story]

Middle East:

Earliest Beehives Discovered in Ancient Israel [read story]
Pagan Antiquities Unearthed in Israel [read story]
The Lost Goddess of Israel [read story]
Afghanistan’s Secret Treasure [read story]
Royal Goddesses of a Bronze Age State [read story]
Goddess of Fortune Found Near Shores of Sea of Galilee [read story]

North America:

Ancient Tree Carving Points to the Stars [read story]
Goddess Stained-Glass Window: Wellesley College Chapel [read story]


Temple of Roman goddess Nemesis discovered [read story]

South America:

Pre-Inca Remains Found in Peru [read story]
Ancient Peru Pyramid Spotted by Satellite [read story]
Mayan King's Tomb Found in Guatemala [read story]

Southeast Asia:

Dancing towards divinity, Phillipines [read story]
Birthday for Malaysian Sea Goddess Mazu [read story]
Mother Goddess Exhibit at Vietnam Museum [read story]

South Korea:

Honoring Jeju's grandmother creator goddess [read story]

South Pacific:

Easter Island Red Hat Mystery Revealed [read story]

United Kingdom:

Stonehenge Twin Found Near Ancient Monument [read story]
Bones Hint at Stonehenge Solstice Feast [read story]
London Stone shrouded in mystery and myths [read story]
Hallaton Roman coin is oldest found in Britain [read story]
Dea Nutrix (nursing goddess) figurine [read story]

New Written Language of Ancient Scotland Discovered [read story]
Second Orkney Venus found at Orkney dig [read story]
Uncovering Secrets of the Ring of Brodgar [read story]


Göbekli Tepe Temple [read story]
Gods of Nemrut Dag [read story]


Prehistoric Humans Took in Art Shows [read story]
Oldest Twine Dates Back to Stone Age [read story]
Ostrich Eggs Used in Stone Age Communication [read story]
Ancient Hominids Took to the Seas [read story]
Prehistoric Jewelry Reveals Neanderthal Fashion Sense [read story]
Women, Girls Created Paleolithic Cave Art [read story]
Mysterious Neolithic People Made Optical Art [read story]
In Stone Age Caves, Art and Music Mixed [read story]
Ancient tattoos linked to healing ritual [read story]

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