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Good Works in Her Name

Doing Good Works Together

Our temple encourages and promotes volunteer work that our members perform within their local communities. Those listed regularly devote their time to a wide range of services. By doing so, they are helping others and at the same time, reflecting Her compassion through action.

If you would like to add your own volunteer work to this page, please contact us.

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Celebrate these good works!

Carol from Maine, USA: Participates in a community outreach program for the deaf.

Lynn from Washington, USA: Directs a youth program for awareness of the arts.

Anna from Colorado, USA: Community food bank volunteer.

Randy from Texas, USA: Wildlife rehabilitation.

Deborah from Canada: Literacy program volunteer.

Lily from the U.K.: Donates time to an emergency preparedness organization.

Mary from California: Knits and crochets items for children and donates them to various charities.

Charlotte from South Carolina: Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

Marie from Florida: Red cross volunteer.

Brenda from Canada: Volunteers at local senior citizen center.

Theresa from Indiana: Volunteers at her children's school.

Viola from New York: Veteran's program volunteer.

Alison from New Mexico: Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Leopard Rising from Wyoming: Fosters dogs and cats from local humane society.

Lynn from California: Drives residents of a local nursing home.

Stacy from Kentucky: Hospital volunteer - baby cuddler.

Kathy from New York: Reads to children at a local library.

Ahnika from Michigan: Girl Scouts, United Way, U.S. Navy youth mentoring program.

Serenity from North Carolina: Assists the elderly in her community and visits nursing homes.

Mandy from Ohio: Park district volunteer and certified volunteer naturalist.

Michelle from Idaho: AA sponsor, holds AA meetings in local jail, volunteers in the Treatment/Special Needs/Accessibility and Corrections subcommittee of AA.

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