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A Special Note

Temple of Learning Entrance

After reading introductory essays from new students throughout the years, we have noticed a disturbing pattern. Many have been deeply hurt from their previous experiences with spiritual teachers or groups.

If you have experienced this yourself and are nervous about enrolling in our Temple, we invite you to read the special note below. In addition, please visit our comments page for what just a few of our students have said about our courses in the past.

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Spiritual Abuse

In our opinion, spiritual abuse is the same as any other kind of abuse. It occurs when an individual or group attempts to take power from another through the practice of control and manipulation. In reality, these situations have nothing to do with the spiritual wrapping paper in which they are decorated. Instead, they are carried out by unbalanced individuals (in positions of authority) who strive to feed their own self-worth through the repression of others.

Those who have been taken advantage of in this manner often become hesitant about their own intuitive talents and skills. They may even temporarily mistrust their own inner wisdom because they have allowed their power to be taken by another. Because of their experience, they are also now afraid to trust others. We want you to know that we recognize these feelings and encourage our students to be completely independent and self-empowered at all times.

Just as physical abuse affects a person on all levels - not just physically - spiritual abuse affects all levels of a person as well: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You can turn these experiences into positive lessons that you can learn from and use to help others. You may not realize it yet, but you are actually stronger and wiser now because of them.

We are fortunate to be able to teach through a correspondence medium that automatically encourages independence and focus on what is truly important: the personal connection to the God/dess-within. Through this forum, you have the opportunity to connect with your Inner Self in the privacy of your own home. All of our activities are entirely voluntary and we ask that you only perform those exercises/meditations that you feel comfortable doing. When our advisors make suggestions for your spiritual growth, it is understood that you are free to carry them out or not as you see fit. You are ultimately responsible for your own spiritual well-being. You are also encouraged to ask as many questions as you need to.

Please know that our Temple has a strict policy of privacy. We do not become involved in our members' personal lives in any manner. We do not consider ourselves to be mentors, nor do we see students as apprentices. All members are considered equal in our Temple.

Ultimately, it is not through words, but actions that will reveal our goodwill. We hope you will give us the chance to convey our sincerity by enrolling in our courses. If you ever have questions about any aspect of our program, we invite you to contact us at any time.