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In Her Name;

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All are Blessed!

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St. Brigid's Prayer:

O Brigid, Mary of the Gael,
May thy protection never fail.
Spread thy mantle over me,
Where’re I pass, where’re I be.

Brigid's House Blessing:

May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell
Bless every fireside, every wall and floor;
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof;
And every tongue and mind for evermore;
Bless every hand that toils to bring joy
And every foot that walks its portals through.
This is my wish today, my constant prayer
May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.

Blessing of Brigit:

Brigit daughter of Dugall the Brown
Son of Aodh son of Art son of Conn
Son of Cariara son of Cairbre son of Cas
Son of Cormac son of Cartach son of Conn.

Each day and each night
That Isay the Descent of Brigit,

I shall not be slain,
I shall not be sworded,
I shall not be put in cell,
I shall not be hewn,
I shall not be riven,
I shall not be anguished,
I shall not be wounded,
I shall not be ravaged,
I shall not be blinded,
I shall not be made naked,
I shall not be left bare,
Nor will Christ
Leave me forgotten.

Nor fire shall burn me,
Nor sun shall burn me,
Nor moon shall blanch me.

Nor water shall drown me,
Nor flood shall drown me,
Nor brine shall drown me.

Nor seed of fairy host shall lift me,
Nor seed of airy host shall lift me,
Nor earthly being destroy me.

I am under the shielding
Of good Brigit each day;
I am under the shielding
Of good Brigit each night.

I am under the keeping
Of the Nurse of Mary,
Each early and late,
Every dark, every light.

Brigit is my comrade-woman,
Brigit is my maker of song,
Brigit is my helping-woman,
My choicest of women, my guide.

Carmina Gadelica 264

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